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Welcome to the official Tracy Jones Fan Club web site. Tracy Jones played the game of baseball the way a Tracy Jones Fan Club Member wants to go through life - living with no fear! It is Tracy Jones' fearless attitude that has gained him a cult like following from his fans that watched him play the game and now listen to him on 700 WLW (in Cincinnati), over XM Radio channel 173 and the Internet (www.700wlw.com). Pete Rose was known as "Charlie Hustle"; Tracy Jones was known in baseball and around the world as the "Hard-nosed Hawthorne Hustle". Tracy Jones is one of the greatest talents that major league baseball has ever seen. However, his fearless style and selfless manner which he approached the game cost him a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was forced to leave the game because of injuries.
Tracy Jones ran like a deer and was known in Cincinnati as the white blur. Pete Rose once said that Tracy Jones was the fastest white man he had ever seen in his life. Tracy was faster than Mickey Mantle, Stronger than Babe Ruth, quicker than Lou Brock, tougher than Lou Gehrig, had more tenacity than Ty Cobb and was more powerful than Ted Williams.

In 1982 the Cincinnati Reds had the worse record in the National League. They had 61 wins and 101 losses. They finished 28 games out of first place. Finishing in last place gave the Reds the very first pick in the 1983 draft. The organization brought it's best minds together and scoured the United States for the best talent they could find. The draft of 1983 was of extreme importance and crucial to the vitality and future of the organization. The very first pick in the draft was Tracy Jones. 

Watching Tracy Jones' career in Cincinnati was like watching a John Wayne movie. He brought the Reds out of the depths in 1982 where they only sold 1.3 million tickets and increased the gate by over a million more fans when he played. The years that Tracy played for the Cincinnati Reds, they were on track to sell over 2,000,000 tickets every season. This man was much more than a great baseball player, he was a star. Born in Southern California Tracy Jones ran around with many Hollywood celebrities like Kurt Russell, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas,  Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few. 
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"Another reason why women don't belong in war. Let's keep them in the kitchen and off the battlefield!"
-Tracy Jones
This is 1 of the few Hollywood movie scenes done in Greater Cincinnati. 
My beloved Brass Ass!
To this day, this scene is a typical night at the B.A.
Keep up the great work girls!
-Tracy Jones
Now you see why training the Iraqi Soldiers is taking so long.
If Tracy Jones is reincarnated as a dog in his next life, this is exactly how he will act.
Drunk hippie chick tries to climb on a float during a parade. 
Drunk hippie chick gets run over. 
Greatest Fight Ever!
Live Hard. Die Harder.
Check out the traffic lights. 
Driver of the car - wrong. Rider on bike - dead!
It doesn't always pay to be right.